Garden Makeover

Anyone else see something online or on TV that suddenly sparks your imagination into overdrive,

or is it just me ?

Well that is how my garden design came to life.

We have always had an outdoor dining area under our pergola at the top, and ever year we have our BBQ's

and end up sitting uncomfy on the rattan dining chairs usually late into the night so when i spotted an image on Pinterest of an outdoor lounge it got my mind into overdrive and before long i had a mood board all stored in my head ready for the makeover.

I love the oak colour pergoda's we already had in the garden that my husband had made a few years back but i wanted to get rid of the dullness of the wooden stained decking to make it feel fresher and more inviting so decided to go with pale grey, now this did result in a few sleepless nights. What if i don't like it ? i cant change it back, what if it does't go with the cream walls ? shall i paint those grey as well ? anyone who knows me know i have the tendency to change my mind a million times, so making a big decision of painting all the oak stained decking that 2 years ago i was adamant i wanted oak has been a drama to say the least. But i had made a decision and decided to stick with it. (well at least until the tester pot was on so i could be 100% sure ).

Ok, so that was the colour sorted, now for the furniture. How do i convince my husband that all the black rattan furniture that we bought 2 years ago needs to be changed for light grey ???

This is where good old Aldi came into play.

Went in for my normal shop of salad, bread, candles, pots, pans, vases and everything else that was normally on offer and convinced me into thinking it was a bargain i couldn't refuse, and on the way out i got a leaflet which had a corner sofa in grey ( the perfect light grey colour that i wanted ) and it was also (shock) on offer £189, yet again my head went into overdrive, hmmm if i got 2 i could somehow join them together to make a large corner unit which would in fact save me money on the other corner units i had seen for over £1000, which lets face it, convincing my husband to replace the furniture in the first place was going to be hard enough with out a brief pause and then "oh and its going to cost £1000" So Aldi furniture it was.

Once the renovation had started my husband then decided it wasn't such a bad idea after all and decided that we could do with getting some artificial grass, as the weekly grass cut was going to get cuttings all over the grey decking and now we have the dog Oscar, the most disobedient dachshund around it seemed like a plan, so i left that in his capable hands while i decided on a planting scheme.

We looked around at a few artificial grass suppliers, but found Tuda grass on instagram. They were really reasonably priced, and offered a fast delivery service which was great. It has made such a difference to the garden, and keeps it allot drier, no more muddy paw prints throughout the house. So that was the grass sorted and it was left to me to sort the plants.

Every year we seem to buy plants to fill these spaces and then the following year they have all died, an eye for design i do have however when it comes to plants, i am not going to lie, i have no clue. The only plants hat have survived so far are the Flamingo trees that we bought last year. Only £10 each from Asda, and they look amazing in the summer, granted they resemble an upside down broom stick in the winter, but they are still alive a year on so they are staying. I decided that i need something which is "Joy proof", something that can survive if i forget to water it, so after a few discussions with a local nursery we decided to go for topiary plants. Expensive ? yes but no more expensive that replacing my plants each year. So we got a number of topiary plants to scatter around and i then infilled with rosemary and lavenders and then lay a river of white pebbles in between which really set it off.

The walls in our garden are all yellow split face brick and did have yellow riven coping stones on. We didn't want to have to render all the walls and replace the coping stones, so i decided to paint them with the same colour paint as the decking and it has really finished them off nice. All of the decking and coping stones have been painted with sandtex masonary paint Plymouth Grey. Had mixed reviews about painting decking with masonary paint, however i have always used it on my fences and had no issues, so thought i would give it a go. So far so good, only one slight chip all the rest is still on and in one piece.

The garden really did come together all at once and i love how the space feels both in the day and at night, we use it so much more now the dining table has gone and we use it more as a lounge area, and some where to relax on a summer night. With us spending more time outside at night, i decided to add some more lights and a fire pit to give it that cosy feel. We had already added down lighters to the fence last year which we bought from Homebase, and the festoon lights at the top of the garden were bought from Dunelm for £40. They made such a difference at night and really make it feel magical once the sun has gone down. So once we got around to completing the bottom half of the garden we decided to get some more, however i needed a few more sets and didn't want to be spending £40 a set. After searching around we found something very similar at Iconic lights. They are a quarter of the price and they look fantastic. There website offers a huge range of lights both for inside and exterior.

We also wanted to add a firepit or some kind of outdoor heater, we looked around at a number of different companies, and came across this gorgeous matt black one from Vonhaus. It finishes the garden off perfect and again adds to the cosy feel that i wanted to achieve.

I absolutely love this space now and the difference it has made to how we use our garden.

So that is it, my garden make over. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding our renovation. I have also added a shopping list below to achieve this look.

Joy x

Garden shopping list to recreate this look :

Clear Festoon Lights from Iconic lights

Click on photo for link

Mains powered

Pentagonal FIre pit from Vonhaus

Pentagonal Fire pit from Vonhaus

Click on photo for link

Artificial Grass from Tudagrass

Click on photo for link

White pebbles from B&Q

Click on photo for link